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Can outdoor climbing water bags fold water bottles be filled with hot water?
- Dec 24, 2018 -

If the outdoor climbing water bag is made of TPU, the water bag is resistant to cold and high temperature. When the temperature is 40°C, it will not be hard and brittle. The high temperature can be boiling water, that is, 100°C, it will not deteriorate, so it can be loaded. Hot water. The water in the water bag is preferably between 70 and 80 degrees to prevent the overheated water from rising into the water bag.

Water bags are used to hold drinking water, so people must put the safety and non-toxicity of the water bag first. That is, the choice of materials that match the US FDA standards is preferred. Most products use non-toxic, odorless materials, but there are some inferior products that will have a strong plastic taste after long-term water release. Such products should not be considered better. In general, the order of choice is: TPU / EVA / PEVA / PE material, the last choice of pvc, from front to back, respectively: tpu non-toxic and odor-free cold resistance, high temperature and resistance to mild physical puncture; peva non-toxic and odor-free cold resistance is not resistant to high temperature; eva non-toxic cold resistance is not resistant to high temperature and slight odor; Pe is non-toxic and has no odor and moderate cold resistance. It is resistant to high temperature but too hard. It is inconvenient to carry. The material is easy to fall off and scrapped. The older PVC material has odor, is not resistant to high temperature, and is less resistant to cold and light toxicity.

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