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Bathing outdoor artifact: the Pocket Shower shower bags
- Jan 14, 2017 -

Take a look at this ingenious Pocket shower Kit (Pocket Shower), this super compact shower system, designed for players who love playing outdoors and clean preparation, its heat energy from the Sun. For backpackers, campers, World Explorer and other outdoor enthusiasts will undoubtedly be a most ideal portable showers.

This equipment is easy to fold, the whole shower bag after folding into a 7.6x15.2cm bag, and only 120g, packed to the Max. And shower bag with black heat-absorbing material, solar water heating, avoiding cold water cold.

This shower bag with 6-metre long portable hanging rope, hang, users only need to fill with water and put the bag in a place where the Sun, water, Sun and heat can start the shower.

This water capacity is 10L, according to the default traffic can support 8 minutes of wash, this shower bag also contains some common parts, such as compact shower head, flow controllers, storage bag.

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