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A water bag outside the water and bathed two problems
- Jan 14, 2017 -

Whether in the African savannah or the jungles of South America, or a simple family camping, adequate drinking water is essential. However, the pure water can be taken along, after all, is limited, for the camping enthusiasts are concerned, if we can locally access to drinking water that is excellent. Recently, portable Water Purifier for well-known companies in the world, Switzerland Katadyn Condit's new Base CampPro10L (the camp Water Purifier) might be able to help you.

The Base Camp Water Purifier CampPro10L, recently won at the world famous sports goods exhibition ISPO outdoor 2015/2016 outdoor products Gold Award. With it users do not need to trouble the water pump, just three steps: fill, hang, drink, can pure outdoor to safe drinking water.

It looks is a dimension of 27x15x7cm, weight approximately 350g of simple water bags. However, its core is newly developed ultra FlowTM Katadyn company filter elements, flow rate up to 2 litres per minute, can effectively filter bacteria, impurities and sediments. One of the quick release valve to facilitate users to quickly put the water into the water cups, water bottles and other equipment.

When the user is in camp to prepare dinner, or stop and rest or when looking at the Moon, Base Camp hangs in a tree, water bags in under the action of gravity, efficient filtration through 0.2 Micron glass fiber filter, without any physical exertion, the user can at any time use to clean outdoor water.

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